Ditty Bird: Safari Animal Sounds

Ditty Bird: Safari Animal Sounds


Let’s go on a jungle safari with a ditty bird and his friends to discover the sounds and songs of African animals. A gentle touch of the ‘sound dot’ on each page will trigger real-life sounds of five favorite animals along with a song in Lingala!

The book introduces the first facts about five favorite wild animals:

-The lion "Roar"

-The monkey "Ooh, ooh"

-The elephant "Trumpet"

-The giraffe "Munch"

-The hippopotamus "Grout"

-And the "Ulele moliba makasi" rhyme, a beautiful song from the democratic republic of the congo.

An interactive musical songbook for baby, toddler, 1-3 years old: read, listen and sing along as ditty bird sings your favorite songs. Educational toy language development: reciting and singing nursery rhymes is a great way to support children's language learning. The engaging electronic push buttons help build early language ability and fine motor skills.

Batteries are included in the book.